The Effectiveness Of Manuka Honey For Skin Care

Have You Switched On To Manuka Honey Yet?

manuka honey for skin careLike many other natural remedies, those who use it swear by the effectiveness of Manuka honey for skin care and overall health, myself included. So what makes this honey so special and can it really help your skin?

There’s quite a lot to say about honey generally but here the focus is on Manuka honey, which differs in several important ways and for several reasons.

Coming from bees who spend their lives pollinating and collecting nectar from the Manuka bush,  this honey has the usual concentrates of hydrogen peroxide found in all honey, with added extras in the form of Methylglyoxal (MG), a big compound in the honey and MG is antibacterial.

Don’t Spend Money Till You Know Your Honey

Ordinary honey contains a little, but nothing like the amount stored away in Manuka honey and it’s this extra concentration which boosts the ability of Manuka honey to heal.

Because the effectiveness of the honey depends on the amount of MG’s, honey producers came up with a way of grading Manuka honey to reflect concentrations of this compound. Called the Unique Manuka Factor or UMF, it looks to regulate and add consistency to the way Manuka honey is labelled and sold.

Buying from a reputable source is the way to go, if you don’t you can end up with honey bought at a supermarket, relabelled and re-priced upwards by about 1000%, you have been warned!

What Can This Honey Help With?

The main use where scientific evidence of success exists, is wounds, skin ulcers and minor burns – bed sores are also being successfully treated with it. But proven or not, a lot of folks use it to help with a whole big range of other problems.

These are just some of the reasons folk add a teaspoonful regularly into their diet.

Stomach Problems

Manuka honey is often used to reduce or clear indigestion, IBS, bloating, acid reflux and stomach ulcers. Funnily enough my mom who was a nurse used to add a teaspoonful to raspberry tea when she was being treated for a duodenal ulcer.

Colds & Your Immune System

Add Manuka Honey To Aztec Healing ClayI take Echinacea tablets to boost my flagging immune system and that alongside zinc is the best known natural protection against colds.

But you can give your body another helping hand to kick out colds before they get started with a home-made lemon drink and Manuka honey to sweeten instead of sugar. The antibacterial properties will fight any infections, soothe strep throat and give the virus a smack at the same time.

Start Your Day The Manuka Way

I’ve been doing this all winter, making a hot cereal or porridge for breakfast and stirring in a teaspoon of Manuka honey. The carbs give you long slow energy while the honey provides the fructose to get me into the car and onto icy roads, all while boosting my immune system. Way to go!

Manuka Honey For Skin Care – Worth It Or Not?

Certainly there is scientific evidence of Manuka honey helping with a range of skin conditions including eczema, sunburn, bed sores and surgery scars. Personally I go straight for the Aloe Vera Gel for minor burns and cuts, acne scars too. However, everyone’s skin is different and for acne breakouts a clay face mask mixed using a teaspoon of Manuka honey is cleansing and anti-inflammatory, as is the Aztec Healing Clay I use, so you get a double dose of help.

  • With very dry drawn skin, take a level teaspoon and add the same of olive oil, mix well and massage in, avoiding your eyes. Leave on for up to half an hour and when you rinse off your skin will feel a whole world better.
  • For burns, when they’ve healed sufficiently try gently rubbing a little Manuka honey into the scar, you’ll be surprised how much faster it heals and fades. Sunburn also responds well, but being honest I find that solution very sticky and impractical versus using fresh Aloe Vera leaves.

To sum up, try it. You have nothing to lose by adding a teaspoonful a day to cereals or hot fruity teas, acne isn’t going to get worse and might well improve more rapidly than without.

Manuka honey isn’t a miracle cure, there aren’t any of those I’m afraid! But can it help and boost overall health? Is it worth the extra you pay? In my opinion yes and I use it most days nearly all year round, either in tea or to mix up a face mask.