Aztec Secret Bentonite Clay Face Mask

They All Promise Much But Which One Delivers?

aztec secret bentonite clayChoosing the best clay face mask for her complex skin type used to worry one of my friends so much, she ended up not bothering. There’s one really excellent and inexpensive choice which is Aztec Secret Bentonite Clay and as it’s the only one I know, I recommended it and gave her a small bag to try.

Her fear was what getting it wrong could do to her skin and judging from the number of emails you send on the subject of which clay mask to choose, she’s not alone.

Do remember this though – clay facial masks are for all skin types and shouldn’t contain anything but pure dried powdered clay, if it does, don’t buy it, period.

Did she like it? She loved it and like me has found some other good problem areas of skin to put it on. “Go blog about this” she said, “Tell everyone how good it is”.

Right says me, and I promptly forget until ordering another pot this week!

As regular readers know, mostly I make facial masks up from fruit and honey, but in the summer months the Secret Bentonite clay mask is incredibly kind to skin and does actually close pores up if you persist with using it regularly. This stuff is cheap to buy and comes in big pots, so don’t limit the treatment to your face, use it on your neck and shoulders plus other places we’ll get to in a minute.

Soothing and cooling, this clay mask is known for its ability to reduce inflammation from many skin conditions including acne and because Aztec healing clay has nothing added, there’s nothing to harm delicate facial skin.

Why does it work so well?

There’s plenty of theories, guesses and explanations, but the truth is no one knows for sure why this particular type of clay works better than others and that includes me, but it does.

When I first bought a big pot of this, there wasn’t a whole lot of options around, neither were there many Aztec Clay Mask reviews which certainly isn’t true anymore, I think this product has gotten popular quickly for one simple reason – it leaves skin feeling so good.

Other Aztec Healing Clay Uses

  • the best clay face maskInstead of using plain water to mix, for greasy skin add a splash of cider vinegar or lemon juice.
  • Use the Aztec Face Mask clay to smooth and pamper other problem spots like knees and elbows
  • Boost the closing of open pores by mixing the clay up with cold tea which is a natural astringent – make some green or black tea up and allow to cool first, or use rose water instead.
  • Feet delight in a good mud bath – after a hot day add iced water to a good scoop or two, mix in a big bowl you can put your feet into and spend 10 – 15 squidgy minutes letting your feet play in the clay! Make the clay up in the morning and leave in the refrigerator until you return with those hot aching feet – wonderful.
  • Do the same with your hands


  • You need to be careful when you rinse off – this is mud! You’ll eventually block up the shower so be sure to wipe off the clay or rinse into a bowl – toss it on the flower bed where it can’t harm your plumbing any.
  • aztec healing clay usesUsing the Aztec Facial Mask can be a messy business if you don’t think ahead. Get all you need gathered up first or you’ll be finding clay fingerprints on doors and handles for days.
  • Clay facial masks have a habit of getting into noses – I don’t mean so you can’t breathe but so you look like you got something unsavory there – clean it off carefully!

I’ve Read Claims Aztec Indian Healing Clay Cures Acne

Don’t rely too much on this nor expect a miracle cure.

However, there’s no doubt using a clay mask twice a week especially combined with other good skin care routines including regular exfoliating and using a good electric face brush, will help a lot.

Want a Tip To Get Acne Retreating?

A tip to really get acne on the run, is to keep an Aloe Vera plant in the window and after using a clay mask and rinsing, pat dry then snap a leaf off the plant and squeeze out the gel – dab onto the acne and leave it. In fact you can dab Aloe Vera plant juice on as often as you like – you might be very pleasantly surprised at the result!

Its a bold claim to say this is the best clay face mask out there, but I’ve never found anything better and that includes a professional clay mask applied in a spa. There are over 1000 reviews so if you want to know more about Aztec’s Secret Healing Clay, head on over and do a bit of reading.

Review of Aztec Secret Bentonite Clay Face Mask
by Review Author
February 6, 2014

Aztec Healing Clay Rating 5/5 stars


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