The Best Exfoliating Face Cream

Exfoliating With The Right Cream For Sensitive Skin

The Best Exfoliating Face CreamAfter posting on foods for skin and how we can all help skin renewal along, I’ve had a lot of emails asking about the best exfoliating face cream to use for sensitive dry skin, and particularly in the winter when the last thing you need is anything harsh.

As soon as people mention cream in the same sentence as exfoliate then I know you’re after something gentle and kind with a very low granulation.

There are plenty of facial exfoliation products out there, but picking out which is a good option for dry skin is another thing again and let’s be honest, you don’t want to pay more than you have to, but you do want good quality.

Of course these are very much down to personal choice and your own skin type, however to be fair I’ve tried several over the last few years as has my daughter, and unusually we agree on the verdict.

There are actually three I’m happy to recommend here and I’ll do it in order of preference. Personally I use them at different times of the year depending on my skins changing needs, rather than what’s left in the cabinet.

best selling exfoliantFor both of us, this Cure Natural Aqua Gel is absolutely magic and I’d recommend it to anyone.

Natural Aqua Gel is advertised on Amazon as the best-selling in Japan, which to be honest is what convinced me to buy and try it – a decision I’ve never regretted and neither has anyone else whose gotten this on my recommendation.

Though incredibly gentle and kind to skin, this will really shift dead cells and you can see them leaching into the mixture as you rub – it goes from clear to clumpy cloudy as the cells get rubbed away.

Because it is efficient, I’d say use this once a week at most on dry skin, maybe twice on medium and three times weekly on oily skin – reduce the frequency in winter if skin starts to feel a little tight.

Aveeno Daily Exfoliating Cream

Probably the best exfoliating face cream for daily use comes from the Aveeno range.  Aveeno cream as a moisturizer has a fearsome reputation – it is exceptional as a cooling moisturizer for inflamed and dry sore skin.

aveeno daily facial scrubDoctors and dermatologists are happy to recommend it and funnily enough it was an endocrinologist who suggested using this for my problem skin, which I still do.

Aveeno Exfoliating Cream Scrub is a daily scrub if you want to use it that often and for very sensitive, inflamed or sore skin, this would be my number one choice because it moisturizes at the same time – try this or the Aqua Gel above.

Finally up for a medal is the Olay Skin Smoothing Cream Scrub, which as you would expect performs well. This is a more granulated scrub than the other two mentioned and not one I’d advise for delicate sensitive skin, no matter what it says on the bottle.

This is the one for skin which has been on the beach for a week and needs a little glow bringing back, something that will shift grime and sun cream before it turns into blackheads – which it will if left without thorough cleansing. For holiday grime and day to day cleansing, I’d say go look at a cleansing brush either electronic or battery powered, the need to exfoliate is significantly reduced as are breakouts of acne when you use a mechanical helper!

I hope this answers all your questions and gives you at least a small range of gentle facial exfoliation products to go look at, which are popular, proven and best of all they won’t strip your skin off or your wallet out!