Does Aloe Vera Gel Help Acne

Aloe Vera Healing For Acne – Miracle Or Myth?

does aloe vera gel help acneAloe Vera is an incredible plant with wonderful healing properties, therefore does Aloe Vera gel help acne is an obvious question especially if you’ve heard how great it is with minor cuts and burns.

I’ve had an Aloe Vera or two in the house forever because if you’ve ever caught yourself on the oven or gotten a minor burn, there’s nothing better than snapping a leaf off and squeezing the gel onto your wound, it works like magic.

Native Americans had a pretty cool name for Aloe Vera ‘Wand of Heaven’ and more than 6000 years ago Egyptians called it a ‘Plant of Immortality’, now today scientists have recognized the awesome potential of Aloe Vera and are exploring treatments for AID’s and cancer too.

They’ve identified more than six powerful antiseptics produced by the plant which kill viruses, moulds, bacteria – even fungus, and because these antiseptics are natural they have few to zero side effects – a heap powerful medicine is Aloe Vera.

Okay, what about Aloe Vera waving its magic Wand of Heaven over your Acne?

Firstly let’s talk a little about acne.

Acne usually begins with the onset of puberty and worsening as adolescence progresses. Over 65% of sufferers will have an outbreak of acne spots when they are between 13 and 14 years old. However, acne can affect anyone at any age.

Puberty is really the villain because the level of male hormone which girls also have shoots up, and can cause the sebaceous glands to produce way too much sebum. This overproduction of sebum then combines with any dead skin cells and bacteria on the skin and creates the perfect environment for acne to develop and take a real hold.

At this point I’ve got to say that the first line of defence with acne is a facial cleansing brush which will shift all the dead cells and bacteria leaving the sebum with less to feed on and infect. But once it has gotten a hold, acne accompanied by inflammation and bacterial infection need treatments that contain anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients. If you don’t already have one, why not go read about why you should – it makes a seismic change to the way your skin looks and feels.

Badly Inflamed acne begins much deeper beneath several layers of skin, meaning the scarring and skin discolouration spots afterwards can be significant, so getting treatment from a health professional and sticking to it is crucial – your doctor can prescribe either something to slow down the sebum production or to correct the hormone levels, the former being easiest to do.

At this point, using Aloe Vera gel to help acne is going to help with surface eruptions and spots, but it can’t do much about the breakout which is still waiting to happen from under your skin, for those formed but as yet unseen spots and until the acne is under control, you may need to take oral antibiotics and apply topical antibiotic cream.

There are those natural remedy only people who swear by sipping Aloe Vera juice rather than take antibiotics – and generally speaking I’m in their tribe. But not with infective acne, because it will take forever for the sebum production to calm down on its own – and taken orally the gel is an extremely efficient laxative, you have been warned!

Does Aloe Vera Gel Help Acne – Yes Mild To Medium Non-Infective Acne

does aloe vera gel heal acneIf your acne is mild and not in need of antibiotics then the first thing to try is Aloe Vera Gel. You can buy it in tubes, tubs and bottles – but don’t do that if you can help it. Buy or beg a plant, they are so common I’d bet one of your friends or relatives or neighbors has one and they grow masses of babies every year.

The plants themselves grow amazingly quickly from a small 5 leaves to big enough for using within a couple months, faster in springtime. But if you can’t wait or can’t find one, Amazon stock them in several sizes at prices lower than my local garden center.

Why not the convenience of a tube of Aloe Vera cream? I don’t think it works as well is why! Something is lost between leaf and tube is all I can say. Get a plant, love it and it’ll take good care of you too.

Don’t wait for spots to erupt, apply Aloe Vera gel to areas that have that tight ‘I know there’s one there’ feeling and keep applying twice a day or more frequently if you like. You don’t need to wash it off at all.

Personal experience has shown that the spots still come – they are formed and have to come up, but much smaller and they go faster leaving less red hyperpigmentation, plus what is left fades well.

Aloe Vera gel is not a miracle cure, but one of those six natural antibiotics works extremely well on acne as well as blackheads, whiteheads and even eases itching with eczema.

What Have You Got To Lose?

Everyone is different and has different hormone levels, no two breakouts of acne are ever the same for different people and they respond to different treatments. That’s a lot of variables!

Try it. The plants are cheap as chips, then free, all they need is a little indirect sun and not a lot of water. Aloe Vera gel does work for the majority of people who use it, but to be effective you really do need to use a face cleaning brush, preferably an electric one, and establish a regular consistent skin care routine.

Other Uses At Home

All the antiseptic creams in the world don’t take the sting out of a burn like the sap from this plant, and with minor burns or insects bites etc. you’ll be bowled over by how fast whatever you’ve done heals up.

I once had a student who had trodden on her curling tongs with a bare foot and right in the tender instep. I don’t think her mom realized how bad it was and the poor kid was in tears by registration. We can’t give pain killers or medication without express written permission which makes sense, so we used one of the plants in my teaching room, split a leaf and stuck it gel side to the burn.

She called back in at break just to tell me she was fine, still tender but not throbbing anymore. The next day, a thank you card from mom and when she showed me her poor foot, it was already well on the way to healing. She took the next cutting off the plant home with her!

If you have acne, you’ll try anything – well try this first, because it stands a better chance of working than a bunch of expensive creams which promise a miracle cure and don’t deliver!


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