Drinking Water For Good Skin – Facts And Fallacies

Is Drinking Water For Good Skin Fact – Or Fiction?

drinking water for good skinIf you’d asked me yesterday ‘Does drinking water help skin?’ I’d have said yes of course, it keeps your skin hydrated. But is that true – would it have been a knowledgeable answer? And how exactly does drinking water help your skin?

Well today I learned a lot of things I truly didn’t know – and although water won’t actually plump up your skin, taking enough fresh water on-board every day is one of the healthiest steps out there and something we can all do.

But as to whether drinking water for good skin is a waste of time (and trips to the bathroom) or not, read on!

Master Class For Miss On The Benefits Of Water

I had to sit in with a trainee high school teacher for a double science lesson – not my usual subject and being quite honest here, I thought ‘yawn’. Well, how wrong can you be?

It was fascinating and this is what I learned about hydrating your body and how to keep skin the same way. By the way this isn’t a teaser, keep reading and I’ll tell you what really does lead to your skin looking fully hydrated and glowing, and it probably isn’t what you think.

Vibrant healthy glowing skin starts with what you eat because mostly everything you swallow becomes a part of each and every cell in your body. When you consider skin is the biggest organ and there primarily to protect the inner organs, giving it the food and water it needs is common sense.

Why Free Radicals and Antioxidants Are Important

fighting free radicals with foodFree radicals like rays from the sun put our skin under attack all day long. Free radicals work on weakening then breaking down cell walls, and this is one of the biggest causes of dry skin. As we age our skin walls lose elasticity so it becomes even more important to know how you can help feed and strengthen skin cells.

The best protection against free radicals is antioxidants, and the best provider of antioxidants is dark colored fruit. Blueberries. strawberries, blackcurrants and plumbs all contain larger than usual amounts of antioxidants, which when digested will rush to reinforce the strength of skin cells and the walls which protect them.

I bet you never thought of fruit as riding to the rescue did you? Well that irresistible bowl of  strawberries is doing you a whole lot of good, so you eat and enjoy!

Don’t Go Away, We’re Not Done Yet

Another thing which cells depend on for healthy growth is essential fatty acids, because they help keep skin cells fed, hydrated and cleansed.

The Pathways To Skin Cleansing

Essential fatty acids may sound like something you don’t want on your plate, but your skin will love you if you eat foods which have a high content. Salmon, walnuts, artichokes and some pulses like pinto beans are all high in essential fatty acids, funnily enough so are prunes which being dried plumbs are also high in antioxidants too.

Your cell walls use a process called osmosis to bring in new nutrients to feed your skin. At the same time and also using osmosis, other ‘pathways’ out of the cells are used to transport waste products away, so the whole process continually keeps skin fed and cleansed.

How Skin Hydration And Drinking Water Fits In

Does Water Clear Your SkinCell walls or membranes are responsible for holding water in skin cells and the stronger they are, the better they do the job. Glowing skin is really down as much to the strength of your skin’s cell membranes as to how much fresh water you drink, provided you drink enough!

Making sure you drink at least three pints of fresh water every day is important and you should aim to double that in hot weather, more if you live somewhere with very dry air.

Does Water Clear Your Skin?

Giving your body ample fresh water encourages faster removal of waste products from your whole system including skin and makes sure there is plenty to digest food with. It also helps with liver and kidney function, supporting their huge powerful filtration of toxins and waste products. So yes, water really does help clear your skin from the inside out.

You see the old saying ‘We are what we eat’ is very true and it matter at least as much as what we drink – or which medication we may have to take.

Don’t forget drinking water for good skin is only one of the things we can easily do every day to look and feel more radiant and energized – try adding dark skinned fruit to your diet every day for a month and see if you don’t notice a big difference.

I’ve got Dry Skin Now – Help!

If you’ve landed here and realized drinking vast quantities of water is not really going to help skin cells which are already weakened and leaking moisture, here are some emergency skin hydration ideas from my grandmother. These home remedies really do work on the surface layers of skin and will make you look and feel less dry and drawn – I used the honey and cream recently after an encounter with a gritting truck!

At the same time get eating red skinned fruit and include chopped walnuts, Brazil nuts and prunes in your diet every day – you really will see a difference in as little as a month, so stick with it.

What Else Can You Do To Rejuvenate Skin?

Using an electronic face brush will undoubtedly help in several ways. They cleanse skin in a way hands and cosmetic pads don’t and gently stimulate the circulation of blood. If these rechargeable electronic face cleansing brushes are outside your budget or you want to try first before lashing out on one, then there are some cheap facial brush cleansing systems which will give you a good idea of what they can do for you.

Not The Night Of The Ball!

To encourage new skin through, click the link and read the post on exfoliating products, then pick the right exfoliating face cream for your skin and use once a week to gently rub away dead cells, letting the newborn layer of skin shine through. But never start a new skin routine like this during the two weeks leading up to a party where you want to look at your best – and always do a patch test with anything new okay, because you never really know for sure what your skin doesn’t like, until it tells you.

When you first use a facial cleansing system or exfoliation product, you’ll find skin responds by kicking out surface impurities often in the form of spots. Just dab Aloe Vera gel on any that pop up and they’ll vanish as fast as they came. Don’t stop your new routine, the spots will stop after a couple of weeks or less.

I hope this has helped dispel some myths and help with the facts on how you can make sure your skin stays hydrated. If you’ve got any questions then be sure to ask by dropping a comment below or using the contact for to get in touch.

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