Getting Rid Of Red Acne Spots Takes Dedication

Stick With Your Skin Lightening Treatment

red acne spotsI’ve spent a bit of time on skin care forums this week and ended up taking notes on threads which keep on coming up, and this is one of them. There are a substantial number of folks unhappy with the skin lightening cream they’ve chosen, because it isn’t getting rid of red acne spots or the hyperpigmentation scars left behind.

Very cold weather isn’t helping as it makes them look worse and I’d guess that’s probably part of the reason for an increase in chatter, you think you’ve got them fading nicely and then boom, they seem to flower all over your face again.

Don’t worry, and don’t stop the treatment either because if it was working before the winter struck, it’s still working now and only shadows of the deeper scarring are more visible as your blood retreats somewhere warmer than your face! However, there is a common theme running through other threads about the time it takes for results to show, and the fading of hyperpigmentation is too slow – well we all want it sorted and a glowing complexion back ASAP don’t we!

But there’s a problem with this thinking and it’s the same reason you should avoid any skin lightening creams or spot fading lotions which claim an overnight miracle using only natural safe skin bleaching solutions.

Your skin’s top layer takes 27-30 days to renew and there are four more beneath it. Now read that again!

There is no safe fast route to changing how fast your skin sheds a layer, other than gently and regularly exfoliating to remove the dead cells already coming away and encourage the next layer up to the surface. Our skin has three layers and within each layer, more layers.

The top layer or epidermis has five layers, the outer one of which is shed every 27-30 days in the form of dead cells. Given this, if the scar only extends through these five layers you are looking at five months before all have cycled through.

Skin lightening creams work on the outer five layers to lift the tone but importantly they inhibit our skins production of the Melanin beneath these layers which causes hyperpigmentation scars, meaning new layers being produced below the epidermis are far less likely to show existing marks.

The other problem is the depth of scarring from acne, which can be serious and way beyond hyperpigmentation cream. If the scars are that deep, rather than continuing month after month with something that is not going to really improve things for you, accept they are serious and get them expertly assessed by a dermatologist. Modern laser treatments are affordable and extremely successful with deep acne scars.

Seeing positive changes in your complexion can be achieved in minutes – just see what exfoliating does for a glowing face and smooth skin, but to resolve deeper problems you have to be in it for the long haul and you need to be consistent in applying creams or lotions for at least two months, before honestly saying it doesn’t work for you.

Prepare Your Skin Thoroughly Before Applying Skin Lightening Creams

Our skin puts out oil, dead cells and bacteria every day which form a barrier against creams penetrating through to deeper layers. when treating your skin it gets in the way and you need to clean it off first.

Undoubtedly the best way to do this is with a daily skin cleansing routine and preferably using the best skin cleansing brush you can afford – they are inexpensive and come in battery versions too. It really is true that a glowing clear complexion starts with basic skin care, and no matter what other skin problems you may be trying to tackle – don’t neglect to cleanse properly!


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