How To Get An Even Skin Tone With Hyperpigmentation

How To Get An Even Skin Tone Despite Your Parents Genes

how to get an even skin toneSometimes you come across great advice by accident and after reading a skincare article by Cr Harold Lancer specifically aimed at how to get an even skin tone with hyperpigmentation, I went looking for more snippets of his wisdom – and he sure is someone whose advice you want to take.

Firstly Dr Lancer is an LA based cosmetic surgeon to the super stars and many of the beautiful faces in magazines and on the screen have had his wizardly skills applied to their pimples, dimples and dark skin spots.

They’ll be the ones who simply glow with health and certainly don’t look as though they’ve ever had any cosmetic work done, he really is that good.

The biggest enemies to an even skin tone are sunlight, hormones and inflammation. However, whether or not hyperpigmentation is going to be an issue for you is largely genetic, about which we can’t do much anyway except glare bitterly at our parents – but remember we’ve passed those genes on to our own kids…

Sunlight is by far the biggest enemy though it can come disguised as artificial lighting. Yep, its official, new studies in the US are proving that exposure to even artificial light encourages skin to produce melanin – and you thought your skin spot cream wasn’t working!

Melanin is produced as a protective response to sunlight and absorbs UV rays so they don’t get through and burn us. Over time the cells can get overloaded with dark pigments and patches of hyperpigmentation or dark skin spots are formed.

Hormones Wreak Havoc

Choose your contraceptive pill with care and be sure to discuss any tendency to hyperpigmentation with your healthcare provider, because increased oestrogen is often to blame for the sudden arrival of dark skin spots.

This type of pigmentation stain is likely to fade away as the trigger is removed for the extra melanin production. Pregnancy is another such time in your life when hyperpigmentation can make an unwanted visit to your face and the same applies, do nothing except enjoy your pregnancy and baby, because it will fade quickly as the hormone levels return to normal.

Don’t Pick!

Inflammation is most common with acne and occurs when your skin is healing up after a breakout of pimples, it’s this inflammation that causes the subsequent skin discoloration. Keeping your skin scrupulously clean by cleansing daily and using prescribed acne medication either oral or topical is essential. Oh, and don’t pick at them, I know how tempting it is but the extra inflammation you’ll likely cause isn’t worth it. Heat also causes inflammation in the summer – cool showers and homemade cucumber face masks chilled in the fridge both help.

What Else Can You Do?
A non-oily SPF is your best friend and defense against sunlight, or artificial light for that matter. Many good moisturizers include it, apply it every day as a base layer, unless you have acne medication in which case that is your base layer with the SPF next.

To help make skin tone even, you must decide on a good hyperpigmentation cream and stick to a regime of using it. Though its true creams with retinol have lost popularity, retinol is a vitamin A derivative and the best way to fade dark skin spots and hyperpigmentation, but they can cause irritation (as we know) and not everyone gets on with them.

If you have sensitive skin, look for creams with natural ingredients like mulberry and bearberry as they’ll be less likely to irritate delicate skin, but will still reduce how much melanin your skin produces and so lessen the discoloration.

Exfoliation is your pathway to perfect skin and by getting rid of old dead cells you’ll be encouraging new ones through – instant glowing skin and a less grey complexion, but the benefits are much more than that and include stimulating blood supply and removing the bacteria which causes acne. Using a facial brush system will help a lot because the cleanse is so thorough yet gentle on delicate skin cells.

You can reduce exfoliating to once a week in the winter or switch to a more gentle exfoliator if your skin starts to dry, but it’s still an important part of any skincare routine.

Finally, drink plenty of water to keep yourself and the biggest organ your skin, in tip top condition.

If you want to read more or find out more about Dr Lancer, don’t just take my word for it!

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