Naturally Lighten Skin With Plant Technology

Dermology Skin Brightener Cream Reviewed

Naturally Lighten SkinReported in forums to lighten and brighten skin very effectively whilst evening out poor skin tone, this skin care company do thing a bit differently. The don’t use chemicals of any form of bleach and in fact, in the use of plant extracts to lighten and brighten skin, Dermology Skin Brightener definitely leads the way.

It took me a while to select the right cream for my scars and hyperpigmentation and it’s this cream I eventually chose to use on areas of skin previously scalded badly to reduce the redness, I also wanted it for the adjoining skin which was very much darker in appearance, like a dirty tide mark where the hot water had got to and then receded – still makes me shudder…

Only pure natural ingredients are used by Dermology in all their products, including this vitamin infused skin brightening cream which also moisturizes beautifully without leaving skin greasy or sticky, though you do need to give it a little time to sink in.

It doesn’t take a lot of research to realize that plant extracts are a natural solution to many quite serious health conditions. They always have been, but finding the right combinations and quantities is the key to success and takes years plus a lot of hard cash to perfect.
All of the creams in the ‘Natural Extract’ bracket use various combinations of the same plant extracts and absolutely no chemicals. Because as a company Dermology invest heavily in research, development and testing, which gives me confidence my skin won’t come to any harm.

Don’t worry when you see Gigawhite listed in the ingredients – it might sound chemical but in truth, it’s an advanced Swiss formula comprising of seven organically grown alpine plants whose combined properties are proven to lighten and even skin tone, particularly when used within other natural extracts. Can’t you just see them in your mind out on a Swiss Alp picking the herbs?

The Active Plant Ingredients In Dermolgy Skin Brightening Cream

  • Arbutin: (extract of bearberry plant, also found in pear skins)
  • Lumiskin: (extract from bark of the Chilean Boldo tree. Also known as as Diacetyl Boldine or DAB and by its trademark name Lumiskin – inhibits Melanin production.
  • Shea Butter
  • Evening Primrose Oil
  • Allantoin: (extract of the comfrey plant, used to support health of the outer dermal layer).
  • Grapefruit Seed Extract: A natural antioxidant which promotes skin renewal.
  • Vitamins A, C and E: Added to support fundamental health of skin.

The cream has a pleasant scent and it easy to apply. Did I mention preparing your skin first?

To get the best out of any cream and I’d say particularly those with plant based active ingredients, you need to prepare your skin first by thoroughly cleansing and exfoliating first. This is so the cream comes into contact with your skin with no greasy grubby barrier to slow or prevent it working.
Though all these creams contain a conveyer to help the active ingredients penetrate the epidermis, you’ll get far better results if you prep first.

Who Should Use Dermology Skin Brighteners?

Well, it’s perfect for reducing the appearance of uneven hyperpigmentation which is what the scars left on my neck – it really worked magic there and I still use it every week or two. Dark skin spots, freckles and acne red spot scars, all should respond well.

This particular cream is also rich with natural emollients and packed with skin-nourishing vitamins to keep your skin feeling silky and looking vibrant, mine tends to dryness in places and I don’t ever feel the need for extra moisturizing even in the winter months. If you suffer from dry dull skin, Dermology are confident you’ll see good results in days rather than weeks using their products.

The big test is whether I’d recommend this to a friend and yes I sure would and have, to several who asked what I’d used when they noticed my complexion was so much more even in tone.

* And they are confident enough to give you a FREE TRIAL – Click Here *

If you’re looking for a good cream to naturally lighten skin and one with no bleach, then this is one I highly recommend trying.


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