Alternative Indian Healing Clay Uses For Problem Skin

Mix It, Spread It, Love It!

indian healing clay usesOne of the first things I remember buying and trying as a spotty teenager was a clay mask. Because it was called ‘Secret Healing Clay’, I think I may have believed it would change my looks and as the clay was washed off the spots would be gone, neither of which happened.

But what was noticeable was how soft and smooth my skin was and how much less open the open pores seemed to be. That was a few years ago now and I’ve experimented quite a lot since then, with varied results.

I don’t mean with different clays, but with what it’s mixed with to form a paste. The one thing that has stayed constant is the brand of clay – Aztec Healing Clay, which I think is the best healing clay face mask you can get. Clay masks draw out blackheads and other skin debris while helping to close pores behind it. But it can act as a facilitator for so much more.

Indian Healing Clay Uses – Great For Problem Skin

Pure, nothing added and with stunning healing properties for damaged skin, it lends itself beautifully to being turned into a superb oily skin mask, or a moisturizing mask depending on what your skin needs right now – and it’s dead cheap, which little else of this quality in skin care and beauty is!

Getting honey or sour cream to stay on skin as a face mask is a drippy sticky adventure. The clay anchors other ingredients so you get the best of both worlds and much less mess.

Don’t Forget To Do a Patch Test – Please

Aztec Secret Healing ClayBefore putting anything other than pure clay mixed up with water on your skin, do a patch test, because the one time you don’t will be the time you should have!

The other thing you should always do is thoroughly clean your skin first so the clay mix gets right onto the skin. If you’ve got a facial cleaning brush then use it first, then apply the mask.

For oily skin try using a teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar to mix the clay with, you may want to go half vinegar half water the first time and decrease the water ration each time until you get a perfect fit for your skin.

Other astringents include rose water and lemon or lime juice – the latter two are helpful with hyperpigmentation as well as oily skin, so go ahead and use them to mix the clay with.

Clay Masks For Normal – Dry Skin With Blackheads/Whiteheads

Try apples! Less harsh than Apple Cider Vinegar, simply puree a raw apple and sieve the juice out, it doesn’t matter if some pulp is included, then mix with clay and leave on skin for 10-15 minutes.

Apple juice has natural acids which attack blackheads and whiteheads, when you rinse off your skin should feel soft and be glowing. Repeat daily for a week and you’ll see a significant reduction in blackheads and whiteheads. Any stubborn blackheads still staring back at you in the mirror will need steaming.

Mildly astringent and with healing properties is tea. Make half a cup of green tea, allow to cool – chill right down before mixing a little with pure clay and applying – ordinary tea works very well if you don’t have green.

Clay Face Masks To Cool And Nourish Hot Dry Skin

Add Manuka Honey To Aztec Healing ClayFor super cooling and soothing, peel a 2 inch length of cucumber and puree then strain the liquid, now use a teaspoon or two to mix the clay – chill first if you can.

For very dry skin add 1 teaspoon of soured cream or pouring cream and mix well then apply. No cream? Olive oil will do just as well.

For a moisturizing clay mask with a lot of special anti-bacterial and healing properties, mix the pure clay with 1 teaspoon of Manuka Honey and apply. Ordinary honey will suffice, but Maunka honey is special with proven healing accelerants.

The advantages of adding liquids other than water to mix a clay facial mask are largely unexplored which is a shame, because they really do work.

That isn’t to say never use a plain clay mask mixed with water, mostly that’s what I do. But if you have problem skin, Aztec Healing Clay is well known and respected in spa’s, beauty clinics and dermatology circles, because it is so pure and incredibly kind to skin.

What could be better then, than to mix it up with Manuka Honey, for the ultimate in cleansing and nourishing without a trace of chemicals anywhere.

Go on, treat yourself to a special clay face mask this weekend.