Facial Cleansing With A Brush

Facial Cleansing With A Brush

Facial Cleansing With A Brush  Good basic skincare is where everyone needs to start whether they’re trying to bring back that glowing healthy look, lighten dark hyperpigmentation spots, or deal with an outbreak of acne.

Alongside improving your diet and adding plenty of anti-oxidant rich fruit and other skin friendly foods, facial cleansing with a brush rather than your hands is one of the fastest steps you can take to a more vibrant complexion and there isn’t a dermatologist who thinks differently.

No matter how good the exfoliation or cleanser you’re using is, hands or even cleansing pads just don’t compete with facial brushes for cleaning skin thoroughly.

Over time failure to remove all the dirt, oil and bacteria left behind trapped in pores and hair follicles causes an oily deposit to build up which actually stops your cleanser penetrating and working as intended – germs hate deep cleansing with electric facial brushes for this alone – they can’t breed!

Incidentally, part of any treatment with skin lightening cream is to exfoliate and cleanse thoroughly first to remove the oily layer which prevents the active ingredients making direct contact with skin, and not cleansing and exfoliating thoroughly is one of the major reasons skin lightening preparations used at home are reported as ‘not working’.

It’s the same for topical acne treatments as well – cleanse skin thoroughly first then apply the cream or lotion. Cleaner clearer skin is the most basic yet important step towards preventing red acne spots or blemishes breaking out and improving your complexion.

Acne treatment creams do have added ingredients to help them access the layers of epidermis (there are 5 layers) but they need to get through to your skin first, and for that they need your help.

Benefits Of Deep Cleansing Brushes

facial brushes for cleaning skinOne thing repeated over and over again by anyone picking up an electric face brush for the first time is the immediate improvement in skin softness and appearance plus an apparent closing up of pores – me too – I was blown away by the difference after a day never mind a week.

Using a brush like this also means you can easily reach your back and shoulders where open pores can be a real problem, so gentlemen, take note – if this is your problem area, an electric exfoliating brush head (included with many) will really help.

The gentle facial massage every day stimulates circulation and speeds up our natural skin renewal process a little. By improving circulation you are helping nutrients arrive and waste products be removed as efficiently as possible.

Having a skin care routine like this means you are more likely to use it regularly and make it as much a habit as cleaning your teeth.

Any Disadvantages To Facial Brushes?

Actually none at all I can think of, just one or two tips for beginners.

  • Personally I’d advise introducing your skin to a facial brush carefully at first, building up to a full facial over 10 days or so, especially if you have sensitive skin. For the first few days of using a face brush my face was pink afterwards for half an hour, but it stopped soon enough.
  • It’s never a good idea to start a new skincare routine a month before your wedding – start at least two or even better three months in advance.
  • Skin can react to being deep cleansed by presenting you with some skin eruptions, usually in the form of small spots. Whatever you do, don’t stop with the brush! This may not seem it, but it’s a good sign because impurities are being cleaned out – it can happen for up to a month, though usually much less, then it stops.
  • Often these little spots are caused by bacteria being ousted from a tiny hair follicle. They come and go very quickly – just dab a little Aloe Vera gel on them and they’ll vanish.

What To Look For In Your Facial Cleansing System

  • First decide on a cheaper battery version or the more expensive electric rechargeable waterproof, once you’ve done that it narrow down the options.
  • This post is a collection of facial cleansing brush reviews of both types and includes any used by family, friends and colleagues – which is quite a few. Go ahead and have a read, the opinions here are honest if unscientific!
  • Electric facial cleanser systems come in all shapes, colors and sizes and range from a few dollars to over $100 – although to an extent you get what you pay for and the more expensive models have extra features and include several different brush heads as standard.
  • With several different heads in addition to the brush, you can exfoliate as professionally and thoroughly as a dermatologist would – and some come complete with a facial massage brush as well – it really is worth comparing prices and keeping in mind what’s actually in the box.
  • Several electric facial brushes are sealed rechargeable units and waterproof, meaning you’ve got the advantage of using it in the shower instead of splooshing water everywhere when you rinse your face off! As I said you pay more for convenience.
  • If this is your first deep cleansing face brush, then it may well cost in to buy one offering free skincare products in the package.

There’s nearly always one on offer with a bundle of products, most of these being suited to normal skin types. Other than that, you now know what I know.

It’s time to go forth and find out more about which  might suit you best – click the link to find out which face cleansing brushes my friends and colleagues use – and then go read some more reviews.

Over and above all else, do give facial cleansing with a brush a shot – your skin will thank you – and I’ll tell you one more thing, people will start commenting on how well you look!