Pigmentation Spots – What Are The Options?

Pigmentation Spots Can Get Right In Your Face!

pigmentation spotsFacial hyperpigmentation scars from acne or dark pigmentation face marks of any sort can be deeply disturbing – before you click away thinking that is such a throw away remark, I spent several months in a burns unit after a bad accident, so I really do understand how you may be feeling right now.

It’s pretty obvious that the worst place to have pigmentation spots or hyperpigmentation scars is on your face, right out there meeting the world almost before you do. That said, everyone is different and major scars that don’t trouble one person might have a devastating effect on another, rendering them reluctant to leave the house or meet people.

I wore a big very floppy hat for months, even in the winter which looked real silly and attracted more attention than the scars would have. I would rarely look up, which led to several head on collisions with solid objects and caused a lot of extra pain!

One thing I learned real quick was the issue wasn’t going away, not in my head, on my skin nor in the mirror, unless some self-help got going once the basic healing had finished, and we are left with facial pigmentation problems ranging from the minor misery of hated freckles through to dark hyperpigmentation patches or red burn and acne scars which can be life changing.

Frankly, cutting through emotional issues or depression, you have three choices:

  • Learn to live with it and love yourself
  • Wear a mask (tricky in banks?)
  • Do something about it

If you are still reading I’ll take it option 3 is favorite, or at least open to discussion!

Freckles and minor scarring including hyperpigmentation scars from acne, can nearly always be very successfully treated using creams = of which there are many. Personally I am opposed to using anything other than plant based natural hyperpigmentation remedies, not least because this new generation of skin lightening creams are at least as effective, if not more so. But that’s a personal choice.

To Remove Dark Spots

Firstly I’m taking it you know these are hyperpigmentation and nothing more sinister – any worries on that and you should get them looked at by a doctor right away – don’t try to remove dark spots on your skin unless you’re absolutely sure of what they are.

If you only have a few then you could try a skin lightening spot treatment which is a pen – much less wasteful. If larger areas are involved, tubes or tubs are the way to go.

Results are normally quick and very good, though with deeper darker spots you may need to persist for six or eight weeks before seeing measurable results. Do stick with it and exfoliate regularly to help the cream work on fresh skin.

As with anything new, do a skin test first.

The next step on is a chemical peel and these are available to use at home or done professionally at larger beauty salons and spa’s where there are qualified staff. There’s one I use every few months which is a home skin peeling cream you apply and leave on for 30 seconds.

Not entirely comfortable, they are not painful either and can be very effective in both reducing or removing pigmentation spots and rejuvenating tired skin, leaving fine lines and wrinkles diminished in appearance.

It might be best to go to a dermatologist, at least in the first instance and certainly if you have any doubts at all. Do check carefully which treatment you are opting for and the qualifications of your therapist, if you’ve been burnt don’t do anything without consulting with your specialist first, unless you’ve been discharged as healed.

Laser treatment is fantastic at removing pigmentation scars and spots left over from acne, if fact it’s pretty amazing at getting rid of nasty deep red acne spots before they run their course and scar in the first place. Find someone who is highly qualified, or better still go on a trusted recommendation – but check qualifications anyway.

After care is also important and sun cream in particular, never forget Melanin caused the problem and overproduction can be triggered by the sun. Factor 20 upwards would be my best advice or 30+ if you live somewhere very hot.

Do consider getting yourself the best skin care system and exfoliating facial brush you can afford, I promise you that this more than anything is likely to improve the look and feel of skin instantly, plus prepare it for any skin lightening creams, dark spot cream or other scar tissue treatment you may be using.

And finally, a few words of wisdom on the subject of self confidence. Others who know you won’t see the scars or pigmentation spots, they’ll see the lovely person you are. Just think about it for a moment – how do you see the people you love? I’ll bet you don’t see the flaws at all.

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