Reviews For Meladerm

Reviews For MeladermIs Meladerm One Of The Best Non-Prescription Skin Whitening Products Available?

Many people looking to buy skin lightening cream turn to the Internet for advice and there are certainly plenty of positive reviews for Meladerm to choose from, with good reason.

Civant Skin Care who make Meladerm took 4 years to develop and extensively test this incredible cream before bringing it to the market, subsequently winning the “2005 Beauty with Science” award when Meladerm was pronounced one of the best non-prescription skin whitening products available.

Too many skin lightening creams depend on bleaching chemicals such as mercury, hydroquinone and steroids for their active ingredients, making them unsafe to use over prolonged periods and allergic reactions are not uncommon. A quick look at the skin care forums and reviews for Meladerm when compared to other skin lightening products, will confirm this.

How Is Meladerm Different?

The Civant scientists returned to nature and have used only plant extracts in the formula, making it gentle and safe to use even over long periods of time, with few if any side effects.  In fact, the ingredient list for this extraordinary cream reads more like an exotic fruit salad – take a look below.

  • Alpha-arbutin (found in concentrated amounts in bearberry, pear skins, wheat)
  • Bearberry
  • Emblica (Indian gooseberry)
  • Gigawhite (extracts from seven organically grown Swiss alpine plants)
  • Kojic acid (produced by fungi)
  • Lemon juice
  • Liquorice,
  • Mulberry,
  • Niacinamide (nicotinamide is a water-soluble vitamin, part of the vitamin B group)

Does Meladerm Really Lighten Skin?

Yes, it really works and the majority of comments in forums and reviews for Meladerm are also singing its praises. Most cases of skin hyperpigmentation including dark skin spots, scars, hyperpigmentation from acne, melasma and freckles, respond brilliantly.

People who say it doesn’t work are either black or very dark skinned, when the results (based on forum comments) are not anything like as good and you might be as well to go with Makari as your first choice.

Civant don’t claim Meladerm will lighten and even skin tone in deeper scars. However personal experience proves it does work fantastically well on significant facial scarring from burns, visibly improving skin tone and overall appearance even ten years after the accident.

It took about eight weeks to see measurable improvements, and about a year of consistent use, but the scarring is no longer visible on my face and neck.