Treatments For Hyperpigmentation

The Best Treatments For Hyperpigmentation

treatments for hyperpigmentationYour skin is unique, no one else has exactly the same skin color, oil combination or problems, making it very important to look at firstly why you have hyperpigmentation before considering the best treatment options appropriate to your condition – and there may be several.

One thing that does make all the difference to the end result, particularly of home applied treatments for hyperpigmentation, is skin preparation.

You will get way more benefit if you have a good skin care routine established and exfoliate first, preferably with an electric brush because the rotational movement of the head will shift dead cells and grime that the uneven pressure of fingers leaves behind.

Several treatments focused on hyperpigmentation from acne, where dark skin discoloration several layer deep has formed after the breakout has healed, while others deal with mild facial hyperpigmentation and contain only gentle and natural ingredients such as oats and lemon.

There are plenty of purely natural treatments for mild acne triggered hyperpigmentation that you can try, like lemon juice or turmeric. However, for more reliable results, using a skin lightening cream based on plant extracts which are known to lighten skin tone and simultaneously inhibit Melanin production, is overall better for your skin and frankly more likely to succeed.

If the outbreak and subsequent skin discoloration is only where the spots were, try a skin lightening spot treatment before doing anything else as less is very often more with skin care.

See A Professional Dermatologist If You Need To

For more serious pigment scars from acne, the sort that goes several skin layers deep, you can try a more powerful skin peeling cream – some you can use at home and the one or two I’ve personally tried do get good reviews. Those not happy with home treatments on facial areas, chemical peels applied by a professional dermatologist are good options, maybe even laser surgery if the problem is bad enough.

Acne in particular takes time to deal with. The cysts are already present beneath the skin for up to six weeks before becoming visible, though you can feel them alright! So when you treat skin stains or scars, you really need to decide on and stick with a skin care regime – sometimes for several months before seeing measurable improvements, making it doubly important to try and get it right first time up.

Remember, if your skin condition is anything other than mild acne or hyperpigmentation, you should consult a doctor and/or dermatologist first. Some types of acne need oral medication to kill the bacterial infection before other treatments for the dark skin spots such as cream, can be used successfully.

Hyperpigmentation Caused By Sunlight

Sun triggered hyperpigmentation can come at any time and is also linked to medication which can alter your body’s natural chemistry making it suddenly far more sensitive to sunlight. In my experience though annoying and always in the wrong place when you least expect it, the hyperpigmentation is temporary. One culprit is the contraceptive pill though not all of them and only with a few women taking that brand and dose.

Hyperpigmentation cause by medication or the pill is likely to subside and fade when you stop taking the medication and exposing skin to the sun – sometimes you need to wait a month or six weeks to make sure the medicine has cleared your system and use a higher factor sun cream, which we should all do all the time anyway.

Again, if the dark skin spots are stubborn you can use a skin lightening lotion or cream to help it along and regular exfoliation speeds thing up too.

Age spots are made worse by sunlight just as freckles are so prevention means covering up face, arms and legs. Yes you can use skin lightening lotions and creams to fade the spots, but if you go back in the sun without protection, you know what the result will be!


  1. Swapna says

    I have hyperpigmentation problem around my mouth from 14 years and I have super sensitive skin with acne. I have tried many remedies. But lost the hope.

    At-last, Now I got solution and it is working for me. I could see visible results. From one and half month , am using the below remedy.

    1. Since my skin is super sensitive, I just mix “aztec bentonite clay” with “water” and leave the pack till it get dried.
    2. Meanwhile I mix required amount of oatmeal powder , milk powder, raw milk, honey and lemon juice in a bowl.
    3. After my pack that I mentioned in the first point get dried, I wash it with Luke water (do scrubbing for a min while washing) and then I start applying the pack I mentioned in my 2nd point.
    4. I wait until it get dried and start scrubbing and followed by washing.
    5. Apply “patanjali soundarya alovera chandan kesar” gel as moisture.

    Doing it 5 days a week from one and half month. Seeing below results
    1. No facial hair
    2. Very smooth
    3. Skin became Whiten
    4. Used to have very very black around my mouth and chin areas. Now the color faded to brown.
    5. No large pores and shrinked.
    6. No pimple on my face now.

  2. Anonymous says

    Hey swapna..
    Did this routine helped you..
    Am also facing same issue from many years nothing actlly worked.
    Can I use any bentonite clay or Aztec is specific.?

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