What Causes Hyperpigmentation?

Causes And Cures For Hyperpigmentation

what is hyperpigmentationIf you’ve landed here looking to find information on what causes hyperpigmentation patches and spots to appear out of nowhere, the chances are you’re also looking to find out which treatments for hyperpigmentation are available to you.

These treatments can vary depending on where specifically the darker skin patches are as well as what caused them to appear in the first place.

The Sun – A Blessing And A Curse

Hyperpigmentation spots or patches can appear anywhere but typically facial hyperpigmentation is the most common because our faces are exposed to the sun more than our body is – and of course, that’s the one place you can’t so easily hide it!

In the dermatological field, hyperpigmentation relates to darkening patches of skin and sometimes nails, caused by increased melanin. Melanin is the substance in our skin that gives us a sun tan, but when it becomes over productive, dark patches are formed on our skin which can be several layers deep.

American, African and Asian skin tones tend to be more delicate and inclined to hyperpigmentation, particularly when excessive sun is an issue as these skin tones also tend to burn more easily. Please don’t forget excessive sun is an issue for all of us whatever shade or color our skin is – protective cream is a must. Don’t ever skip the sun protection.

Are freckles hyperpigmentation? You bettcha they are, and though a lot of us don’t mind them, many of us do – they usually do fade as we get older, but try selling that to a fair skinned teenager who wants an even skin tone and not a bunch of what they see as gross spots. Did you have freckles as a teenager and like them?

Medication & Pregnancy

You might be shocked at the number of things we unwittingly do that can cause an increase in melanin and encourage hyperpigmentation patches to form, like walking in winter sun with a strong accompanying wind. These triggers are not always avoidable and they include taking prescription medicines for which there is no alternative available – or often which don’t normally cause skin tone changes, but in you this time, they did.

During pregnancy when hormones are both complex and powerful, it really is common to find you’ve got darker patches of skin and in the majority of cases they fade as quickly as they arrived one your baby is born and hormones begin to return to normal – breast feeding can delay even colored skin tone returning, but often doesn’t.


Probably the best known and most complained about is hyperpigmentation from acne, as it frequently leads to the dark skin discoloration spots people understandably find so distressing when their face is affected.

Because acne and the resulting dark skin discoloration is so visible and prominent, a major impact is psychological. Young people are at their most insecure and emotionally vulnerable just when acne and facial hyperpigmentation is most likely to appear. Although teenage acne is usually transient and linked to hormonal changes, teenagers in particular can lose all confidence and self esteem when they have acne, which may then lead into depression.

It’s for this reason that many dermatologists believe in treating acne aggressively right from the outset, to hopefully lessen the longer-term adverse impact acne and dark skin discoloration can have on a young person’s overall health.

The answers to what causes hyperpigmentation are as you have seen, the sun, over production of Melanin and every teenager’s nightmare, acne. Hyperpigmentation really means dark skin discoloration and it is not rare or unusual, just an unfamiliar term, for a very familiar problem.

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